A Little Bit About Me

Am 22 ! If you come across someone who is loitering in business avenues,someone who sits for hours in front of computers, someone who visits cafes for meetings, someone who wears formals throughout the day & shorts by night,someone who saves his hard disk first in case of fire, someone who never gives up no matter what,Then probably It should be me.

I have done engineering in the field of Information technology.I never chased grades nor did I sat down for hours to study.Probably that's the reason I am what I am today.I spent enough time facebooking,reading articles & blogs,understanding dynamics of what I actually wanted to do,strategising college events & what not.Google & YouTube are my teachers to be honest! Am a voracious learner & thinker.

Being an entrepreneur was my dream & almost 3-4 years were spent in preparing myself for it.Am on a boat! I have travelled few miles but am yet to reach the other side of the river.I can definitely be a helping hand for those who are just about to start.

The Journey

Journey as an entrepreneur made me realise the fact that there is no short route.Initially I began with door-to-door marketing & visiting business areas in the city in order to understand people & market.To prove our work specifics,we were in need of clients & to convert prospects into clients,We had to present our work details which we never had then.

It all began with lot of rejections & small work.For a while,I made sure that rejections don't bother me.Every small advancements were celebrated.It was very important for me to keep my focus on & keep the momentum going.I realised that in lot of failures lies lot of oppotunities.I never waited for weekends to come & never felt bad to see mondays.There was no rest!

Few elements that ensured key changes in my life was self discipline ,self belief , punctuality & desire for excellence.I never watch news or read newspapers.I kept away from everything that would have stopped me from looking into things that mattered.I try hard.I either find a way or make one.

One year on...Positive minds,Positive vibes ! Things are turning smooth slowly.I could witness growth in terms of organisational structure,revenue & company portfolio. I consider this as a stepping stone.A long way to go but when I take short break and sip in my coffee.I feel good about the fact that the struggle was worth.I am still struggling and the process will go on for couple of years to come.

PS: I am coming for everything they said I couldn't have !