About Shivashish Tarkas

Started his entrepreneurial journey at 21 in 2015. Shivashish Tarkas today provides finest digital & infleuncer marketing solutions to country's finest brands, global brands, movies, celebrities , individual public figures & media entities.

  • The company carries finest Influencer network which includes

  • 100+ Content creators including film production houses, music labels, TV Channels, Youtube Creators across Comedy, Music, Fashion, Food, etc.

  • 100+ Actors , actresses, stars & superstars and singers.

  • 100+ Fashion & lifestyle bloggers, models & supermodels.

  • 100+ Instagram influencers

  • 100+ entertainment pages on Facebook & Instagram across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka

    THE INTERMENTALIST was started by Shivashish Tarkas with an investment of INR 3500. It was a thought which later became a vision and eventually turned into a reality. The company had no monetory, no infrastructure, no human resource on the day of inception. The journey began by venturing into website development, graphic designs and social media marketing which was on a booming stage in 2015. After facing aggressive failures during the first three months of the journey in corporate front, Shivashish was given an opportunity to shape himself in entertainment and media field by actor Sarath Kumar.

    The opportunity was grabbed with immense gratitude and dedication. As journey progressed, The InterMentalist went on to provide its services to few of the finest film stars in South film industry and also started providing online services on small scale to few of the SME's in the local market. Betweeen 2015 - 2018, The InterMentalist achieved a small status for its quality work, ethics and sound knowledge in the field. The organisation's concept of "What we can with what we have" was widely appreciated by clients from film industry. As its a known fact that hardwork, self belief and relenteless efforts never failed any, 2018 was the turning point and the year which Shivashish Tarkas was waiting for. Influencer marketing was the newfound opportunity and a vision which Shivashish thought about in 2014 during his college days. The InterMentalist was given an opportunity by Mr Shahir Muneer (Director, DIVO TV PVT LTD) to partner for Influencer marketing projects for south market.

    Under the leadership of Shahir Muneer and Shivashish Tarkas, The organisation went on to become one of the biggest players of South India in the field of Influencer marketing having worked with 50+ actors, 50+ influencers and 50+ online portals. Today, The InterMentalist holds the finest and most influential marketing network down south. It has a wide experience working with fortune companies at strategic levels and are trendsetters in whatever they do. Influencing the Influencers is the power and a responsibility that organisation holds towards its business community. The InterMentalist is expected to grow 5 times bigger in next 5 years. The vision may be different and bigger but the values and principles remain same.


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